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At LEADistics, we talk about a “signature system.” The concept of elevating your leadership is imbedded in all our activities—coaching, courses, workshops, speaking. Dr. Kathryn Bingham invites you, along with her clients and audiences, to Know UP, Grow UP, and Show UP™ in your life and work:

Know UP! Knowing UP increases our clarity across a range of understanding. Who are we today? Who and where would we like to be? How do we influence our environment and how do the people and culture around us influence us? What are the perceptions of others? Are we operating from any blind spots? What talents, knowledge, skills, and experiences do we have and what do we need to add?

Sometimes the knowing is easy and welcome; sometimes we need to have courageous conversations and listen to what others thought we weren’t willing to hear. You can have what you really want, and it begins with knowing.

Grow UP! Growing increases our capacity. Growing applies our learning, builds our experiences, hones our leadership. Growing is not, however, a “train-do” prospect, an “if-then” set of behaviors, or a checklist. Real growth involves reflection and insight. Growth leverages the knowledge of feedback, and harnesses the value of feed forward.

Do you want to accelerate your career, embrace a transition, or execute flawlessly? Growing your leadership opens doors to life and work success.

Show UP! Showing up is you, demonstrating your knowledge and growth in the arenas that are important to you. If you WANT something different, BE something different. It’s not just “doing” something different, and it’s not being “someone else.” When you show up, you are your true, authentic self, operating at a higher level.

If this resonates with you, LEADistics and Dr. Bingham can help.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

~Leonardo da Vinci

Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Charleston, SC

Sometimes We Need An Elevator

You likely have heard the term “career ladder.” In real life, we rarely see such simple, linear progression. Consider a staircase, then, with landings and switchbacks. We move up, pause, take a turn, and go up some more. For a very few, this might even work. For most of us, however, our life and career journey is more like the staircases at Hogwarts. We get on one we think takes us to the third floor, but it moves and dumps us in an unknown corridor.

The metaphor of an elevator helps us. We can get on or off at any floor. If we want to get on, we “call” the elevator to where we are right now. When the doors open, we can choose to step on (or not). The destinations are identified. We make a choice, and push a button.

Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Charleston, SC

If you want to Elevate Your Leadership, if you want to pick a NEW Floor to Rise to, You have to be ON the elevator.

You have to step up and PUSH THAT BUTTON to call YOUR personal elevator to pick you up from Where You ARE TODAY and start your journey UP.

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Time to Move UP and Step UP

Are you READY? Push the button.

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