A favorite phrase from my explorations of Wisdom 2.0 is the “conscious use of technology.”

Technology increasingly infiltrates our daily life; I know only a few individuals who intentionally limit any intrusion from digital devices: no cell phones, no tablets, no iPods. At the opposite end of the spectrum, and far easier to identify, we find individuals who allow devices to drive their life. Their focus is captured by the push of tremendous information, fractured amongst the voluminous feeds and distracted by the plethora of potential actions, in some cases to the point of psuedo-paralysis of mind.

A space exists, on this continuum, where intention and purpose harness the capability of technology to enable connectedness, for content sharing and for mindful collaboration. There are still multiple channels, a wealth of information and open invitation to join and participate. In this space, responses follow a natural ebb and flow, of sharing and reflection, of integration and transformation, of communication and new creation.

As a learning leader, seeking to explore and embrace a form of knowing related to leadership science, my mission involves helping others to “reflectively discover their core purpose and commit to executing with passion.” I invite you to consider this community a place of exploration, experimentation, and opportunity to discuss and develop your own path of growth in support of shared learning.

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