LEADistics Tag CloudThe meaning we assign to words reflects myriad images and snippets of information we associate from prior exposure and reading. Our assigned meaning influences our choice of words when we set about to communicate. The question then arises, what underlies my selection of “destiny” to include in various elements of the blog and website?

In some stories, we might see a reference to destiny in reference to a future state, as in “destined for greatness.” In general, with this definition, the story might reveal markers of the character indicating traits enabling success in the “predestined” state.

A second variant of storytelling uses destiny to support a journey, as in “destined to follow this path.” Often described in a form of hero’s quest, this destiny describes a purpose in the journey. The story’s hero faces challenge, learns and develops character and attributes along the way.

For this blog, the associated leadership community, and website, my use of destiny encompasses both the destination and the development path. When I think of destiny, I could easily substitute the word “purpose.” My purpose, in the now, simultaneously reflects how I am engaging with my current state of being and how I’m preparing for a future state.  What challenges do I face today, and how do I respond? How do I approach problem solving, and am I embracing a sense of the world that allows for multiple points of view to be equally true and inherently valuable?

My purpose for the future involves all the development and life lessons of the journey, so that my knowledge and experiences equip me for a greater purpose. How am I investing each day to be ready to achieve or fulfill my future purpose? I believe we have the opportunity to choose purpose, and we also may feel a sense of calling towards purpose. At the same time, the future purpose may represent a moving target. As we grow and develop, our ability to envision possibilities in our future purpose expands.

One purpose I align time and energy to involves leadership (the activity), developing leaders, and creating discourse in both of these domains. Do you have an interest or passion in the area of leadership? If so, take a moment to share your thoughts and honest critique. I invite you to join this community, using the pop up subscribe box as you scroll to the bottom of any post. If you haven’t yet seen the Prezi, Leadership Destiny Matters, click here. Then enter the conversation at the LEADistics Facebook Community.


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