Over the past weeks, I feel as though I’ve prepared for an elaborate social event complete with crafting a theme, planning a menu, creating decor . . . and now, finally, the initial invitations have been sent. The tables are set, the meal is prepared, and I’m awaiting arrival of guests.

If you land on this page as part of my metaphorical social engagement, thank you for responding to your invitation and taking time to visit.
The breadth of opportunity for leadership discourse is as expansive as the field of leadership theory is diverse. Virtual conversation here may involve research, theory, book reviews . . . where might you like to go?
Last summer, in our Adult Development course at USD led by Dr. Zachary Green, my colleagues and I engaged in “collective leadership.” The element of openness and allowing for emergence created a form of learning environment characterized by trust and a willingness to share. These are attributes I hope participants in this community will embrace.
Take a moment to share your research and discussion interests or provide feedback and suggestions on what you see at this site. Post your comments at LEADistics’ Facebook Community. Thank you, again, for being a part of this collective leadership journey.

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