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LEADistics partners with progressive organizations seeking to transform leadership development and thrive in continuously evolving global environments. Dr. Kathryn Bingham equips business leaders and organizations with the latest in applied leadership science to address the realities of complexity and change.

Leaders today must demonstrate success in global contexts, foster innovation and collaboration across dynamic teams, and navigate ambiguous and uncertain challenges. Dr. Kathryn Bingham’s expertise involves building relationships of trust, comprehensive assessment of the needs of individuals, teams and organizations, and delivering effective, relevant solutions. Through executive coaching and group events, Dr. Bingham enables leaders to align purpose, navigate personal and organizational change, increase effectiveness and influence, and execute authentically.

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Existing clients work within a private, secure coaching and learning environment.

LEADistics offers multiple options for individuals, groups, and teams. If you’re a leader, an org development professional, or in HR, click the category tabs to the right to view how LEADistics enables organizational success.  Click here to inquire about custom programs.

LEADistics applies a stakeholder-centered approach to enable transformational leadership through reflection, empowerment and influence.

  • C-Suite and Senior Leaders – explores insights and engages an executive’s leadership capacity for creating a culture of operational excellence and demonstrating purposeful, adaptive leadership.
  • Leaders in Transition – equips leaders to successfully face the new challenges and experiences of rotational or succession related career moves.
  • High Potential Employees – develops self-awareness, critical behaviors and presence to prepare for future assignments and career opportunities.

Experiential learning and activities to engage talent and maximize team potential.

  • Leader Assimilation – surfaces assumptions and expectations when on-boarding or integrating a new leader, focusing on transparency, trust and empowerment.
  • Team-building – generates partnerships supporting collaborative workflow.
  • Composition Assessment – identifies the mix of personal, working and conflict resolution styles amongst team members; enables strategies and understanding to leverage the unique contributions of individuals within the group.
  • Custom workshops and off-site events, emphasizing leadership development and other topics.

Coaching tailored to the needs of the participant and his or her career phase.

  • Branding – surfaces existing perceptions and how these align with a desired professional persona.
  • Career Acceleration – generates a career roadmap and facilitates leader success in crucible roles.
  • Transitions – develops executable plans for addressing shifts in career, industry, or employment status.
A meaningful life and leadership excellence should not be an “either or” proposition. Choose both. Integrated Leadership coaching gives leaders the insights and tools to successfully balance competing priorities in work and life. Exercises and guided reflection enables individuals to make active choices across multiple life dimensions, sifting the essential from amongst the many available options.
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