Private Client Portal

We have recently replaced our former hosted client platform with the new LEADistics Portal. The portal will officially launch during September of 2018. During pre-launch, visitors will be able to sign up for the Explorers' Membership for free. In our portal, you'll create your own log in and have access to courses and resources. If [...]

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Questions about engaging a coach

Common questions include making the decision, expectations, and whether you can reach your coach for "just in time" support between scheduled sessions. Click here to access a list of FAQs regarding coaching. We're in the process of integrating information between the portal and this site. In the meantime, simply click the above link.

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1 – Privacy Policy Update Feb 19, 2020 | 2 – Coming Soon: New course options!

1 – Our Privacy Policy updated on February 19, 2020; to review our policy, click here.

2 – We are migrating our Portal learning and private coaching environment to another platform. If you click the current link, you’ll see old info (sorry!). The new site should be ready by March 2020 (YEAH!).

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