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LEADistics LLC Terms of Use - Effective 20180715 LEADistics LLC (“LEADistics,” “we,” “us,” “our”) offers all guests, visitors, and users  (“you”) of our site (the “site,” “leadistics.com” and any related domains/subdomains) and services, a Terms of Use(sometimes known as Terms and Conditionsor Terms of Service) to clearly show both our expectations in partnering with you and [...]

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With the exception of “guest posts” written by others (see the bottom of this page), the content on this Web site is owned by and copyrighted in the name of Kathryn Bingham, with all rights reserved. I want to strike the appropriate balance between getting my content widely distributed while also protecting my intellectual property rights. Thanks [...]

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Comments versus Creating Conversation

"Why can't I comment on your blog?" you're asking! I started out having comments on the blog itself. Unfortunately, I faced two issues: First, despite using filters, the thoughts added by readers were hidden amongst an abundance of spam. It became increasingly difficult to monitor. Occasionally, the spam was well disguised. And, frankly, this took [...]

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1 – Privacy Policy Update Feb 19, 2020 | 2 – Coming Soon: New course options!

1 – Our Privacy Policy updated on February 19, 2020; to review our policy, click here.

2 – We are migrating our Portal learning and private coaching environment to another platform. If you click the current link, you’ll see old info (sorry!). The new site should be ready by March 2020 (YEAH!).

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