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LEADistics LLC moved from San Diego, CA to Mount Pleasant, SC.
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Dr. Kathryn Bingham is zealously committed to supporting highly talented, highly motivated executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve focus, increase leadership impact and align their unique capacity toward meaningful objectives, so they can execute with passion and purpose in life and work. “The complexity and pace of today’s environment offers leaders little time for reflection and growth,” says Bingham. “Leaders who’ve experienced tremendous success sometimes find themselves stuck or dissatisfied with the status quo.” Through her executive coaching practice, she helps leaders address pressures of over commitment, saturation or feeling fractured; frustrations of discovering themselves working the job rather than loving the work; and not seeing expected results in their organizations, start ups, projects or careers.

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Elevate Your Leadership

Leaders today must demonstrate success in global contexts, foster innovation and collaboration across dynamic teams, and navigate ambiguous and uncertain challenges. Dr. Bingham equips leaders in complex and changing environments to clarify goals and opportunities, extend their personal and professional leadership, and leverage strengths and development to execute effectively with passion and purpose. She offers Executive and Professional Leadership Development in contexts where leadership is most essential, such as:

  • Breaking through the status quo
  • On-boarding, Assimilation, Teaming
  • Branding, Career Acceleration
  • Professional and Life Transitions
  • Critical Projects, Change Leadership
  • Design and Execution as an Integrated Leader

Applying Leadership Science to the Art of Leading.

Why LEADistics?

– Proven processes, supported by the latest research in the field of leadership

– Private and secure client website to support your coaching experience

– Choice of options to best serve your needs:

  • Personal coaching
  • On-line coursework
  • Individual and Team development


Kathryn was instrumental to me … Kathryn is one of the most honest and open people I have ever known and would not hesitate to recommend her to any organization.
Kevin Keener, Owner, KDA Fitness
Kathryn was a pleasure to work and has a way of motivating people to achieve. If you have the opportunity to work Kathryn, take it. You won’t be disappointed.
Paul Masaitis, Accounting Manager, Raytheon
Kathryn shared her experience and knowledge which was beneficial to us in our continuous process improvement initiatives.
Faye Stallings, VP, El Paso Corporation
Dr. Kathryn Bingham has served as both my leadership coach and as a supervisory coach for my leadership coaching practice. As an entrepreneur developing a retreat center on my working ranch, who also returned to school to complete a graduate degree, I found myself facing an overwhelming list of demands. Prior to Kathryn’s coaching, critical challenges included balancing my work, home, and academic commitments; meeting the financial requirements of a premier graduate program; and finalizing an exit plan for completing my graduate degree. The pressures created a lot of stress, and I was frustrated with the competing priorities.

Through the coaching process, I generated concise solutions. I’m enjoying the realization that even complex problems can be solved. I’m feeling much less stress and am able to see “light at the end of the tunnel.” I’ve also learned to let go of situations I can’t control. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with big dreams, or a person who wants to increase their leadership and personal success, Kathryn is an excellent coach.

Lisa Mitchell, Owner, Plaid Ranch Retreats, LLC
It is a pleasure to have known Kathryn for several years. … Recently, with my leadership coaching, Kathryn was able to recommend tools and resources for me to better manage the challenges of work. In addition, she assisted me in developing a plan to better know myself but also those that I work with to be a more effective leader. Kathryn is a great leader, mentor and coach.
Stephanie Gray, Senior Manager, Business Assurance Services, SRI International
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