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Is Coaching Right for You?

Executive coaching activates a leader’s potential, and allows her or him to design a map and actions toward desired objectives. In the process, leaders identify opportunities to leverage and discover a  leadership strategy that aligns with personal mission, values and priorities. Leading authentically and effectively should feel like you at your best–like you feel in your most comfortable jeans. Is coaching right for you? Answer the two sets of questions, below.

  • I have big goals or dreams.
  • I’d like to have greater influence or impact.
  • My to do list is longer than the hours available.
  • I’m a bit isolated in my leadership role.
  • My effort and leadership do not always lead to expected or desired results.
  • My critical messages are not always received.
  • A current project seems stalled.
  • I’d like to take on larger or different roles.
  • Colleagues or family members don’t always “get” me.
  • I feel “stuck” in my current role(s).
  • I’m facing (or desire) a transition.
  • I feel over-committed, but not always with actions that are important to me.

Coaching Readiness

Which of these statements are wholly or partly true for you? Do any of these prompt different thoughts of challenges to address or objectives you would like to accomplish in the near, mid or long term? List your “yes” answers and prompted thoughts.

Coaching Compatability

The partnering relationship between coach and client benefits by good “fit.” Clients who achieve the most through Executive Coaching begin the process with five to eight of the statements on the right being “true” for them. How many “yes, this is me” matches do you have? What else might be true for you?

  • I’m looking to increase my personal and professional leadership.
  • I have one or more key objectives I’d like to achieve in the next three, six or 12 months.
  • I’m open to examining current patterns and influences in my life and work.
  • I’m willing to consider options I haven’t yet tried.
  • I’m a self-starter.
  • I recognize my responsibility for outcomes of actions I do or do not take.
  • I’m ready to be held accountable for working toward my goals and objectives.
  • I desire to lead successfully, integrating my mission, purpose and values in life and work, and leveraging my strengths.

How did you do?

The statements and questions above offer a starting point for considering coaching as an option for elevating your leadership. How have these prompted your thinking? For your next step, I offer a no-obligation discovery session for exploring your opportunities through Executive Coaching. Click here.

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